Workplace wellness is more than offering medical and dental — employees these days are looking for a well-rounded, comprehensive and diverse set of benefits to achieve balance both in the office and beyond. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the options to offer your employees — when it comes down it, setting a clear vision and goal for your corporate wellness program is essential.

Whether you’re in the planning stage or looking to optimize your current offerings, finding inspiration from those doing it right can be a helpful tool. Three stellar companies share their approach to workplace wellness, learnings and advice.

VaynerMedia’s holistic approach propels employees forward

“We want our people to grow in all aspects of their lives,” says Danielle Valenchis, Senior Manager of Culture at VaynerMedia. “We rise to the top by putting our people first. We’re hyper-focused on empathy, kindness and building a human-focused culture to build emotional trust among one another. This trust generates incredible speed and innovation across our teams and departments, creating VaynerMedia’s reputation of agility and adaptability. Our people are the secret sauce.”

So how does VaynerMedia put that idea into action? “New to this year, we are proud to offer ClassPass Corporate across our global offices which gives flexibility and financial freedom for movement wellness. We partner with Guided, a life and leadership coaching company to provide subsided life coaching. We also have Wellness Rooms with meditation and relaxing materials for renewal, along with an unlimited vacation policy, minimally-processed healthy snacks and sometimes massages in the office. And forget beer taps – we offer kombucha on draft.”

In addition to offerings in the fitness and wellness space, VaynerMedia offers employees expanded opportunities in other areas like creative, play, financial and empowerment for a well-rounded program.

“Create a wellness program that supports your vision and furthers the culture you want to create,” Valenchis explains. “The wellness program is a way to bring values into action.”

GIPHY invests in a healthy lifestyle

Isaiah Lawrence, Operations Manager at GIPHY, describes the company’s workplace wellness program in one word: robust. “Everything from fitness classes and gyms, massages and health coaches — there’s something for everyone.What better way to promote a healthy lifestyle than with offering great workplace wellness initiatives?”

In addition to access to diverse options, GIPHY’s employee wellness benefits package is also completely paid for by the company. “We believe workplace wellness is an integral part of a healthy work-life balance. GIPHY cares deeply about its employees, and healthy employees are happy employees.”

Lawrence says of GIPHY’s approach: “See what the employees want! Gauge interest, put out polls, garner feedback. A corporate wellness program is only effective if the employees want to utilize it.”

Texas Children’s Hospital cares for its caregivers

“Texas Children’s believes preeminent patient care begins with maximizing the health and well-being of our workforce,” says Jacqueline Pacheco, Health Coach at Texas Children’s Hospital. “A healthy workforce not only benefits our employees, it is vital to the delivery of high-quality patient care, a fully engaged workforce, employee retention and enhanced employee and patient experiences.”

In practice, this translates into accessible and flexible options for all employees. “We have made a recent shift to a more holistic minded programming effort that integrates self-care strategies, emphasize balanced nutrition, incorporate intentional movement, encourage mindfulness and foster a sense of purpose and community.” Pacheco details the program: “We recently opened a Well-Being Studio to host a variety of on-site fitness classes for employees. For the locations that we are unable to host classes we encourage them to sign up for ClassPass Corporate as a way to participate in fitness classes. They even have the capability to live stream classes if they cannot attend a class at a facility.”

“Our increasingly successful solution of incorporating innovative and comprehensive well-being services, in a convenient and accessible way that fits into our employees busy lives, ensures that our employees can invest in their well-being, while they serve our mission of caring for women and children. Our well-being initiatives have the unique ability to build community and connectedness across our workforce. As our geographical footprint is continually expanding, our well-being initiatives create a shared, collaborative experience that amplifies unity around common goals that can empower our employees to thrive in all areas of their lives.”

While each company will have its own approach, ensuring your program is varied enough to satisfy your whole workforce is essential. To explore the most diverse option for fitness and wellness experiences, contact ClassPass Corporate.

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