You’ve overcome one of the biggest challenges in establishing a corporate wellness program, but another hurdle is ahead: getting the word out. After all, a great deal of the program’s success will have to do with the awareness your workforce has of the program and its benefits. If your employees don’t know about it or don’t understand it, your program, no matter how great, will fail.

As one article succinctly stated, “A flawed plan well communicated is better than a perfect plan poorly communicated.” Communication is an essential ingredient to success, so let’s look at some strategies successful corporate wellness programs use to increase awareness.

Provide ongoing updates and sources of information

One of the best ways to do this is by leveraging a consistent newsletter - the key word being “consistent.” If your company already has an on-going newsletter, great! Use that traction to integrate a new section that speaks to your wellness program and spotlights different aspects of it or the experience of team members throughout the company. If you don’t currently have a corporate newsletter, use this new wellness program as the perfect opportunity to get one started. Newsletters will take time to gain visibility and readership; however, with consistency, this can be an effective medium for sharing information. The importance of consistency can’t be stressed enough.

Insert emotion into your language

Too often, health-related topics and information are rational in nature, speaking to the head and not the heart. While some facts and figures can be motivating, emotional language can be just as (or more!) motivating. Infuse a level of care and sentiment in your communications, use a “human interest” angle. Not sure where to begin? Incorporate the passion and interest of professionals who love their job. Invite these individuals to speak at lunch “brown bag” sessions or have them provide a guest blog that highlights a certain aspect of the corporate wellness program. Integrate the personal stories of employees who have had success using the program. There are a number of ideas you can run with — just remember, incorporate emotion.

Reach them by meeting them all the way

Don’t expect your workforce to come searching for the wellness program. Sure, there will be the exceptions — those who are already mindful of their health and insistent that the workplace provide benefits in this area. However, a good portion of your employees won’t be seeking you out to get the scoop on the corporate plan. Instead, you need to get in front of your employees using the mediums they are most likely to see/use/understand. This takes an understanding of the unique characteristics of your workforce and preparation to use a number of channels to meet them. You may need to use a combination of strategies. From physical flyers throughout the office, digital communications via social media or a newsletter, to onsite events, find the right mix of communication mediums to adequately increase the awareness of your programs.

Take an “Above the Fold” strategy

Traditionally, this phrase describes a newspaper journalist’s need to fit the most pertinent information “above the fold” of the newspaper. This strategy is just as relevant in today’s digital and print communications. People will give your messages a quick scan to determine whether to invest additional time on it. Therefore, make sure your titles, taglines and beginning paragraphs pack a punch of interesting and useful information. Write so that they will want to continue reading below the fold.

Your corporate wellness program will only be as good as the awareness employees have of it. As you implement it, make sure communication is a large priority in the initial and on-going process. Discover how simple it is to introduce ClassPass Corporate into your workforce, along with the support of a dedicated account management team.

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