It begins with a vision, dreamed about, researched and built in one location, with a small team. Until one day, that vision grows and requires more people, locations and resources. For many companies, this is the story of how they began and now they find themselves spread across multiple locations across cities, states and countries. Seeking to instill the strong corporate culture that originally fueled its growth across these different locations can be a challenge for even the most influential businesses across the globe. Providing an effective corporate wellness program that speaks to a diverse range of needs is no different — in fact, it is a critical part of a healthy workforce and corporate culture.

Web Summit has experienced this very scenario and share their insight on how to roll out a corporate wellness program that successfully addresses the needs of individuals across the world. What started as an intimate technology forum held in Dublin, Ireland nearly ten years ago has grown into the world’s largest tech event and what Forbes has named, “the best technology conference on the planet.” This conference, held in Lisbon each year, along with several other events throughout the year across the world, is managed by a team of approximately 200 individuals located in Dublin, Hong Kong, Toronto, London and Lisbon. “As we’ve grown, it’s become increasingly important to be cohesive as a team in order to effectively execute our tasks and goals,” says, Henry O’Brien, Global Partnerships Team at Web Summit.

Finding the right kind of program and initiative to do just that can be a daunting task, but Henry shares how a personal interest turned out to be just the right solution. “I was personally using ClassPass and loved the variety and personalized experience. I suggested implementing ClassPass Corporate Wellness to our Office Manager and after careful consideration they decided it was a great benefit to provide,” says Henry. “To know that my colleagues across the world are accessing the same personalized experience in wellness is pretty exciting. ClassPass is really the best fitness offering you could provide to help encourage individuals do what they enjoy the best.”

When it comes to effectiveness of this benefit and others that Web Summit provides, Henry shared three tips on how companies with multiple locations can successfully implement corporate wellness programs:

Clear Communication

When rolling out any new program, technology, etc. the key to success is clear and ongoing communication. “Companies need to incorporate ‘onboarding’ or ‘training’ where appropriate to help all individuals — young and old — understand what is being offered and how to use it,” says Henry. “In the case of ClassPass, it’s a new concept, but it’s too easy to not use; some individuals just need help understanding that.” Regardless of the solutions or offerings you provide in your corporate wellness program, providing detailed explanations that are tailored to your specific audience is crucial. There will be general instructions and guidance needed across all locations, as well as specific messaging that may be needed for each location based on unique factors and considerations.

Leverage technology

In the case of ClassPass, leadership can see metrics that provide several data points such as usage, classes registered, etc. Use these metrics to better understand the wellness trends of your workforce in multiple locations. See the results of your investment by gauging engagement. Leverage the results to inspire future communications that motivate employees. There is plenty of useful information that can be gathered, analyzed and understood by using the metrics that are provided in any wellness program that you implement. Use this knowledge to improve the health of your employees and your organization.

Encourage interaction

An effective way to strengthen corporate culture across different locations is to provide opportunities that encourage interaction and engagement with peers. Several wellness programs offer the ability to create activities that engage individuals, no matter where they are located. “With ClassPass, I look forward to proposing fitness challenges to my colleagues in Hong Kong or London and engaging in a way that connects us in and outside of work,” says, Henry. Regardless of the solution your company has, finding ways to encourage connection between coworkers will build relationships and contribute to a happier and healthier workplace.

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