Workplace culture has changed throughout the years as more companies shift their focus from revenue numbers to something some would say is even more important — employee wellness. It’s becoming common practice for companies to offer wellness programs to employees as a regular part of a benefits package. From healthy treats in the office to a cozy nap room, the range of available benefits are vast and varied.

More than a benefit

Employers now are even more incentivized to properly support their talent in order to lower turnover rates and invest in a company’s long-term success. Besides the immediate benefits, wellness programs can reduce employee sick days and medical costs. They’re also shown to improve productivity and elevate the overall well-being and happiness of employees. When executed correctly, they provide incentives and the proper toolkit for employees to maintain healthy behaviors — and healthy retention rates.

Because of this, many companies are partnering with marquee wellness brands like ClassPass to equip employees with top-tier perks and show their prioritization of work-life balance.

Some are taking their benefits even further by introducing add-ons to support a 360-degree wellness program. Employee programs promoting healthy lifestyles and diet are important, but more and more employers are seeing that family planning is an essential and sought-after health and wellness benefit that garners loyalty from employees. Just as overall wellness has become a big part of our work lives, fertility should too.

One such option focuses on reproductive health and family planning initiatives, as employees are increasingly demanding fertility benefits such as IVF, fertility medication and genetic testing to determine infertility.

Inclusive programs

Men historically have had fewer options, and fertility is always assumed to be a woman’s issue.

One company, Dadi, is aiming to shift the narrative by partnering with employers to provide their innovative and affordable solution to sperm testing and storage as an option for male employees and spouses of female employees.

Just as overall wellness has become a big part of employees’ everyday lives — from eating healthy, exercising, practicing self-care and prioritizing mental health — fertility should also be a priority and not merely an afterthought. By normalizing the burden through accessibility and education, Dadi, and the companies it partners with, is able to provide a safe family planning solution for staff.

Whether your employees are ready to start families or plan on having kids in the future, increased awareness around options and fertility preservation can help everyone make better, more educated decisions when it comes to planning. Being proactive about reproductive health is important. Your employees will thank you for it.

This post was written by Dadi, the FDA-licensed fertility service that consists of an at-home collection kit, a fertility report and sperm storage solution that is accessible and 10x more affordable than traditional offerings. For more information please visit or contact the team at

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