It’s the beginning of a new year! For many, it’s an opportunity to start fresh with personal goals and commit to improved habits. Many do make new resolutions – about 60 percent, in fact. Sadly, only eight percent of those individuals end up achieving the goals they begin the new year with.

According to research conducted by Inc., the top three New Year’s Resolutions chosen are: diet or eat healthier (71 percent), exercise more (65 percent) and lose weight (54 percent). Since each of these goals align with most corporate wellness program offerings, companies have a unique opportunity to not only provide the necessary means, but also the support, needed to help individuals stick to resolutions long-term.

Given all the attention that health-related goals get this time of year, now is the time to make employees aware of the corporate wellness offerings available to them. Help your employees be successful in their goals while increasing overall engagement in your wellness program. Here are a few ways to ride on the coattails of the New Year’s resolution craze to market your corporate wellness program:

Highlight the exercise benefits you offer

A large part of many people’s resolutions includes the need to exercise. If your wellness programs offer any benefits that promote or support this, make your employees aware. Clearly communicate the specifics of the benefit, how to get signed up and highlight the savings that employees can experience by taking advantage of the benefit. For example, if you have a program like ClassPass, create a corporate communication that gives easy steps on how to get involved, a sample of participating gyms, studios and wellness venues, plus the leading reasons for getting involved.

Motivate with the participation of leadership and team-specific goals

Another way to get employees engaged with wellness offerings in conjunction with their resolutions is to create company-wide competitions or events that encourage teams/departments/divisions to achieve health-related goals together. Inspire participation with attractive incentives for teams who win and/or engage.

Find ways to provide health-related information and resources

Many resolutions revolve around exercise and physical fitness. However, there are other benefits and resources that provide needed education and understanding to help individuals stay motivated throughout the year. If you offer health-related tests, check-ups, consultations, etc., make it clear what those are and the easiest way to access them. Consider on-site events that make engagement easier. For example, offer “brown-bag” information sessions during lunch put on by experts who can address a number of topics from addiction and weight-loss to stress and other mental health issues. The key is to make relevant information easily attainable.

Help make office eating options healthier

If your wellness program includes a focus on food offered at work, either through an on-site cafeteria or office snacks, this is a great time to highlight those efforts to your employees. If you’re working with a cafeteria, ensure that there are healthy options consistently available and that they are marketed as such. If you have office kitchens and vending machines full of food and drinks, encourage healthy habits by offering options focused on nourishing foods and beverages. When you consider how much time is spent at the office, providing supportive fuel options can be extremely helpful for those seeking to establish better eating habits.

Regardless of the specific benefits your wellness program offers, you have the ability to make a difference in the lives of your employees. Just remember the statistic that suggests most people start the new year with resolutions wanting to do and be better. Help them achieve those goals; as a result, you’ll have a happier, healthier and more productive workforce. Learn more about how ClassPass can help your employees achieve their fitness goals here.

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